Kim Kardashian Puts on an Ugly Face

November 11, 2009 By:
Kim Kardashian Puts on an Ugly Face

Kim Kardashian is used to going through life as a gorgeous girl. And she probably gets more things handed to her than a homely person would. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles!

But Kim was willing to don a whole new face for a new show called Secret Celebrity. She was given prosthetics, new teeth, and some really frizzy hair for the role, and we never would have recognized her!

Kim documented the process for her blog, writing, "This was a real process ... I needed to get a molding of my face so I could have a prosthetic nose, cheeks and neck put on!" Kardashian writes on her blog. "I look like a completely different person!"

To get her new homely face, she went to a place that specializes in making molds of Hollywood celebrities. "Check out the place I went to! They have made casts of everyone from Tom Cruise to Jolie" for movies!" she wrote.

"It was so surreal seeing all these famous movie stars' faces on the wall!! Kind of scary, huh?"

Kim decided on her new name being Cynthia, which Kim says is after her cousin Cici. Let’s hope Cici doesn’t bear a resemblance!

The show has already re-created the faces of Kim, Nick Lachey, and Kourtney Kardashian as they go undercover as everyday people to surprise their fans. We can’t wait to see this!