Is Kim Kardashian Plumping Up for Weight Watchers?

April 1, 2013 By:
Is Kim Kardashian Plumping Up for Weight Watchers?
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It's what every reverend across the country was preaching about in their sermons on Easter Sunday yesterday: Kim Kardashian's current weight. Because getting heavier when you're pregnant is breaking the unwritten 11th Commandment that Lucifer warned us about: Thou Shalt Not Gain More Than 5 Pounds Whilst Preggers.

And because wearing what she wants is a sin of epic proportions, the New York Post is now reporting that Kim's doing it on purpose to land herself a Weight Watchers deal.

Well, before Jessica Simpson decides to defend her weight-loss territory…this turns out to be totally false.

"It's not true. This is the first time Kim is hearing of it," a source close to the Kardashian tells Hollyscoop.

"She's gaining weight and her body is changing like any other pregnant woman and dressing the way she's comfortable," the source adds of all the unwarranted controversy surrounding her pregnant figure.

Even a Weight Watchers rep. shot down the news, confirming that the fitness-weight loss giant has no plans to strike a deal with Kim. They've already got Jessica and are quite happy with that relationship.

So Kim will endorse jewelry, nail polish, swimwear, perfume, candles, candy, watches, liquor, clothing, sunless tanner...but not Weight Watchers.