Kim Kardashian on the Importance of Prenups

October 22, 2009 By:
Kim Kardashian on the Importance of Prenups

To prenup, or not to prenup, that is the question. There's been a lot of buzz surrounding celebrity prenups lately, especially after Khloe Kardashian married Lamar Odom after one month of dating.

It's hard enough maintaining a regular relationship in Hollywood, so we can only imagine how much more difficult it is making a marriage work, especially when you're name is literally your entire empire.

Reality star Kim Kardashian knows first hand what it's like working hard for her money, so why would she want to give half of it away if her relationship didn't work?

"I think it's important, especially if you are successful and have your own stuff," Kim told Hollyscoop exclusively at the Rich Soil Clothing Launch Party at Kitson on Wednesday night.

"You just want to you know what’s mine is mine and yours is yours," she added.

There have been too many incidences where a celebrity couple will split up after years and years of marriage and millions will be on the line.

Mel Gibson's $900 million dollar fortune is on the line when he officially divorces his wife of 28 years. So perhaps celebrity prenups should be mandatory in Hollywood. No one wants to give away half their fortune!