Will Kim Kardashian Retire From Reality TV?

January 14, 2013 By:
Will Kim Kardashian Retire From Reality TV?
Image By: Splash News

Looks like we can keep, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

When a report hit the Internet that Kanye West was uneasy about featuring his baby on reality television, it sparked rumors that the rap mogul might try to force his baby mama, Kim Kardashian, to conclude her TV presence.

But, a source very close to Kim tells Hollyscoop that the report is 100 percent, “not true.”

“He is very supportive of her and her career,” the source says of Kanye, “but they haven't even begun to shoot the show. This has unfortunately been circulating.”

On Sunday, ShowbizSpy.com reported that Kanye would try to get Kim to quit reality TV.

“…deep down, [Kanye] isn’t trying to pimp out his baby like that,” the Hollywood gossip site quoted a source.

“He and Kim got way more than enough money to take care of 100 kids if they want to have that many," the source added. “But he knows that when it comes to Kim and her family, especially that mother of hers, it’s all business and that show is how they make their money.”

While the initial “Kim Kardashian is Quitting Reality TV” report was about as believable as “Adele is Quitting Winning Grammy Awards,” we just thought we’d double check for all you Team Kim players out there. (You're welcome!)

So, relax kids… Whether you want to or not, you’ll probably get to see Kim’s birth right along with the rest of the star-studded family.