Kim Kardashian: Men Date Me to Become Famous

October 15, 2010 By:
Kim Kardashian: Men Date Me to Become Famous

Kim Kardashian has had some bad luck in the love department lately and she admits it's becoming increasingly difficult to date a normal guy.

When she meets a new man she kept help but wonder what their motives are. Are they interested in her because of her or because of the 15 minutes of fame they'll get out of it?

She said: "It's all a learning experience. I think I'm still trying to figure it out. That's why I think it's probably best for me to be single right now. It's a lot easier than to try and figure out who likes me for really me and who wants to be on a show. It's definitely a process."

However even if she does find a man not interested in fame, she finds it hard to date with her hectic shooting schedule.

She told USA Today newspaper: "It's definitely hard to date when you live your life on a reality show. How do you say to someone, 'Hey, are you cool with dating me on my show? Are you comfortable being on the show?' It's really hard. I'm definitely more open to dating when I'm not filming, when it's our off season."

Kim also admitted she's excited to be moving to New York because she needed a change in her life. She explained: "This was like, for me, the perfect time to come to New York because I'm single, because I just felt like I kind of wanted a fresh start."

Will you tune into Kim and Kourtney's new show in NYC? Or are you over the Kardashian's dominating your television?