Kim Kardashian is the New Face of Carl's Jr.

November 18, 2009 By:
Kim Kardashian is the New Face of Carl's Jr.

Move over Paris and Audrina, Kim Kardashian is taking over! The reality show star is the latest celebrity hired by Carl's Jr. to front their ads.

Unlike Paris and Audrina, Kim won't be chowing down a burger, instead, she's making salads look sexy. Now that's hot!

"I'm always down for a burger, I love them and I eat them," Kardashian tells People. "But this is the first commercial they've ever done for anything but a burger. The salads are healthy, and it totally fits what I'm about right now."

"The commercials are iconic. You'll never forget Paris washing that car! So I just wanted to make mine as hot and sultry as all of theirs."

Paris showed off her long legs in her commercial, Audrina showed off her twins so will Kim show off her infamous booty? Guess we'll have to wait and see! If you were the director, what would you do with Kim and Carl's Jr.?