Kim Kardashian Is Ready for Kids

January 12, 2009 By:
Kim Kardashian Is Ready for Kids

2009 is officially the year of engagements and weddings. We're barely in the second week of the month and Fergie and Josh already had their nuptials and news broke of Dexter co-stars Michael and Jennifer's secret wedding.

We've gotten engagement announcements from Gisele and Tom, Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and Alyssa Milano. So who's next? Perhaps reality show vixen Kim Kardashian?

Hollyscoop caught up with the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star at the Los Angeles Confidential Magazine's Annual Golden Globe Party, where she talked to us about good pal Karina Smirnoff, weddings and babies.

"I think it's amazing, I'm so happy for them. I didn't see it coming, I texted her and I said 'congratulations' and she's really happy. I'm so happy for them," gushed Kim.

Speaking of weddings, could Kim and her New Orleans Saints running back beau Reggie Bush be next? Not just yet, but she does have motherhood on her mind.

"I do [have motherhood on my mind]. I was just at a basketball game with a friend who has two babies and Kourtney and I were holding them and she looked over to me and was like 'this is us in ten years' and I was like no, 'this is us in just a few years,'" Kim told Hollyscoop exclusively.

So would Kim consider following Hollywood's recent trend of having babies out of wedlock? "Never say never, but I don't think so," said Kim. "I was married before and I didn't have kids, so I'm pretty old fashioned like that. I'd like to be married."

Kim and Reggie have been dating since early 2007, so we wouldn't surprised if they got engaged any day now. Keep a close eye on that ring finger!