Kim Kardashian is Looking for a Husband

May 12, 2010 By:
Kim Kardashian is Looking for a Husband

Kim Kardashian may be enjoying the single life now, but don't expect her to stay on the market forever.

Kim admits that after her split from Reggie Bush, she's having a good time being single, but she's also ready to find a man to settle down with.

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Kim told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show, ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’: “I’m on the market. This is a new life for me. I haven't been single in years. I never thought I would like being single.

"I'm not the dating type. I'm a relationship kind of girl. The next one that comes into my life will be my husband."

There were rumors that Kim was pushing Reggie to get married during the three years they were together, but they both denied the rumors.

If you could play matchmaker, who would you set up Kim with?