Kim Kardashian in "Agony" Over Decision to Divorce

November 1, 2011 By:
Kim Kardashian in

Thanks to this thing in Hollywood called “sources” we know that Kim Kardashian’s decision to divorce her husband was actually a pretty tough decision for the reality star to make.

When she first released that statement about why they divorced and how they “remain friends,” it was so cut and dry, it could have been copied and pasted from someone else’s divorce announcement.

According to someone close to Kim K, she went back and forth all weekend, crying non-stop, and changing her mind before finally settling on divorce.

She wasn’t 100% sure that the marriage was irreparable, but once she heard that Kris hired a publicist to deal with the fallout of the impending divorce she apparently was livid, telling a friend, “He’s not in f-cking Hollywood, he plays sports.”

This is all very questionable. Yesterday TMZ reported that Kris was “blindsided” by the divorce announcement and wants to repair his marriage to Kim. So where did he find the time to hire a publicist? Was it before or after he was “blindsided?”

Anyways, if you believe in the thing about the publicist, you’ll probably also believe that Kris Humphries was “chasing fame.”

According to more sources, when Kim and Kris began discussing divorce last week, Kris went all Hollywood on Kim and began researching his post-divorce “branding” options. Kris was apparently talking about launching signature colognes, nightclub appearances and other things that reality stars get paid to do i.e. Endorse diet drinks, endorse alcohol beverages, “design” clothes for Sears.

Basically, Kris Humphries was doing business like a Kardashian, and while they should have been applauding him for successfully whoring out branding his name, it somehow still got him kicked out of the family.

Anyways, maybe he wants to cash in on his in-laws before he fades into obscurity. Because of their pre-nup agreement and how short their marriage lasted, neither Kim nor Kris walks away with either person’s money.

Even the ring he gave her is hers. According to California Law, once you say, “I do,” the ring belongs to the lady.

This is great news for Kim whose family made $65 million last year, but horrible news for Kris whose career is currently in the middle of a lockout.

Kim’s family has been sending her their support, I mean tweeting their support.

“Our sister is going through a difficult time but we’re a close family and are sticking together like always. We appreciate everyone’s kindness and support. Kim, we love you,” tweets older sister Kourtney.

Rob Kardashian who is still dancing along on Dancing With The Stars told People mag, “Obviously she's going through a lot right now, but she has her family and we're very supportive of everything she does and every decision that she makes.”