Kim Kardashian: I'm NOT Abusing Rx Drugs!

May 25, 2012 By:
Kim Kardashian: I'm NOT Abusing Rx Drugs!

An Australian rag-mag called NW has posted a story that Kim Kardashian is abusing prescription drugs. The mag claims the reality-show queen takes valium and sleeping pills and is doing a lot of it.

For starters, this is ridiculous. If you’ve ever seen even one episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” you’ll know that Kim doesn’t even like alcohol. She's all like "eww, do you have cucumber water?" It's true, Season 6, episode 4 (Don't quote me on it).

Also, the tagline for this Australian tabloid is “NW: Bigger Than Kanye’s Ego.”

Basically, don’t take ANYTHING they say, seriously. Also, Kanye “ego” jokes are sooo 2009 anyways.

Anyways, sources tell TMZ that Kim Kardashian is on serious damage control telling everyone that she’s not doing any drugs.

Kim’s contacted her lawyers and is threatening any media outlets that pick up this bogus Australian story.

C’mon, what are the Kardashians gonna do if we mention this Australian drug story? Kall the Kops on us? Puhleasse.

The story also says that Khloe has “given Kim an ultimatum” as Khloe is wont to do, but sources say that it’s all false.

The NW story also says that Kim’s new boyfriend Kanye West is helping her change her image. Apparently, Kim and Kanye are helping her to dress more like Kate Middleton.

That’s so laughably ridiculous, Kim Kardashian has nothing in common with the Duchess of freaking Cambridge. Expect maybe that they both have hair, and uhmm, arms.

We've reached out to Kim's reps and attorney but they haven't as of yet replied to our request for comment.