Kim Kardashian Got Bangs To Upstage Kourtney Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian Got Bangs To Upstage Kourtney Kardashian
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Yesterday Kim Kardashian got bangs. She nearly cried when she did it and she dedicated 4 separate Keek videos to document the harrowing and life-altering experience.

This is all very normal behavior; of course, it’s not everyday that someone chops off a total of 1-inch of hair (it happens everyday).

But if you read between the bangs, this wasn’t just a normal trip to the salon because its-Spring-and-I-Need-A-Change, Kim wanted nay NEEDED to upstage her sister Kourtney Kardashian, who got bangs just the day before.

Kourtney debuted her new bangs on Instagram last week and to be quite honest, they looked like a staple from a '90s sitcom.

So then Kim was like, “Omg Kourtney is hogging all the headlines,” so she went and chopped her bangs off and in Kim’s bang-cut video she is distinctly heard saying, “they aren’t going to be like Kourtney’s bangs, hers are like, side bangs. Mine are going to be blunt bangs.”

Mind you, she called her mom to jointly make this decision, because getting bangs is a choice the entire family should make together. Even Kris Jenner realized this is ridiculous, she asks, “You called me to ask if you should get bangs?”

Once Kim went under the scissor, she and Kourtney stepped out in LA to do some maternity wear shopping and debut their matching fringes, and yes, Kim’s bangs DO look better than Kourtney's.