Kim Kardashian Goes Commando, Runs Into Ex Reggie Bush

October 15, 2012 By:
Kim Kardashian Goes Commando, Runs Into Ex Reggie Bush

Kim Kardashian was with Kanye West in Miami over the weekend and she is just so over wearing underwear.

Kim rocked what appeared to be one-half of a sports bra with a pencil skirt that was so sheer you could see right through it to her KardASSian.

I thought Kanye reformed her style? Her boobs are popping out of this non-shirt and her skirt is like “hello commando!” Get that girl in a peplum and quick!

Kanye and Kim went to a private dinner at restaurant Prime 112 in Miami when they had a near run-in with Kim’s ex Reggie Bush and his newly impregnated girlfriend.

Of course when K&K stepped out of the restaurant they were met with an onslaught of paparazzo and normally Kim will wave and smile at the paps, because paparazzi paid for the butt you so desperately want to photograph, but this time Kanye had had enough.

Apparently the paparazzi were asking Kim if she bumped into Reggie Bush or if she wanted to congratulate him on being a father. HA!

“They were yelling at photographers and one of them even asked Kanye about Reggie being so close by; he didn’t seem to happy about it,” a source told In Touch, “Both Kim and Kanye looked a bit stressed out.”

But it was the pap that asked Kim about Reggie’s pregnant girlfriend that sent Kanye over the edge!

He tried to grab the female paparazzo’s camera and heckled her until she left. When the altercation fizzled out, they got into their Rolls Royce Phantom and drove off and the pap was heard telling people, “Kanye West just tried to beat me up.”