Kim Kardashian Getting Ready To Walk Down The Aisle...Again?

August 29, 2012 By:
Kim Kardashian Getting Ready To Walk Down The Aisle...Again?

I know the whole Kimye thing was getting serious, but this is a new level of “WOW.”

Though her divorce with Kris Humphries is still being finalized, if you follow Kim Kardashian on Twitter you might think she's getting ready to walk back down the aisle again. The reality star tweeted a picture of herself in what just about everyone thinks is a wedding dress.

Kim’s tweet came in the late hours of Tuesday night. The caption on the image is “Late night fitting.”

In the shot, Kim faces her famous butt to the camera. She poses with her hand on her hip and looks over her left shoulder. Her hair is pinned up in a frantic bun.
The dress is a white Emilio Pucci gown, fitted to her curvy body. It is a long sleeve, floor length style and decked from head to toe with heavy embroidery.
Although it's got all the makings of a wedding gown, Kim's rep assures us, it's not.

"It's not a wedding dress. It's a white pucci dress," her rep tells Hollyscoop.

Per usual, the last six photos that Kim has posted this week have been of her favorite subject: Herself.


She shared a picture from a photo shoot “floating” elegantly in a pool. Defying realty with only her breast and face breaching the water’s surface, her makeup remains in unapologetic perfection.

Adding to the wedding rumors, she also shared a iPhone screen shot, highlighting that “Kim and Kanye” were trending with the caption “Awww.”

But, if this whole Kanye West thing doesn’t work out, Kim can always go with the fallback plan and marry herself… Her real soul mate.