Kim Kardashian Gets TP'd!

July 8, 2008 By:
Kim Kardashian Gets TP'd!

People still go around toilet papering people houses? We understand it happening around Halloween, but Kim Kardashian's house was just TP'd over the holiday weekend. She must have been pretty annoyed by it, because she went straight to the blog to talk about it.

Kim said, "My mom and Bruce woke up recently to their house covered in toilet paper!!! I strongly suspect it was done by people who know or are connected to the family. Too hilarious!"

But besides picking up TP, the Kardashians managed to have a good 4th of July by celebrating right at home with the fam and Reggie Bush in the pool.

Kim added on her blog, "Khloe and Reggie started it by throwing my mom in! Then Reggie threw Rob in and broke his cell phone! Then Reggie threw Khloe in! Then Khloe threw me in! She dropped me on the way to the pool but I still couldn't escape not being thrown in!!!"