Kim Kardashian Freaks You Out With Makeupless Face

November 13, 2012 By:
Kim Kardashian Freaks You Out With Makeupless Face

Kim Kardashian has dropped some serious pounds...of makeup weight. 

The reality star arrived back stateside following a brief excursion overseas looking out of sorts. Unfortunately for Kim a welcoming committee of cameras captured her every move.

In the shots, Kim appears to be a different person as she stumbles through camera flashes. Her pale, spotty skin and baggy eyes steal the show. 

Despite her attempts to keep her head down, Kim couldn’t help getting exposed by photogs, as the people around her seemed to have ducked under cover to make sure they covered every last non-maneuvered detail. 

But, give her a break, alright…She did just fly across the Atlantic Ocean. 

Meanwhile, Kim’s expression read somewhere between “FML” and “kill me now,” as she seemed to regret—possibly for the first time in her career—how popular she is.

Based on reports, Kim is in the southern Florida city to work on the family’s revamped returning show “Kourtney And Kim Take Miami.”

She was coming back from London where she made an appearance at the MTV EMAs as Kanye West’s accessory and promoted a Kardashian clothing line. Based on what we see, she remembered makeup for those events. 

In other news, Kim has been playing Jen Aniston in the headlines lately, with gossipers guessing when she’s going to pop out her first baby. Turns out, not anytime soon...

A source close to the K Queen tells Hollyscoop, Kim is “really enjoying life right now and focusing on that and work.”