Kim Kardashian Dying To Be In Twilight

April 10, 2009 By:
Kim Kardashian Dying To Be In Twilight

Just add Kim Kardashian to the list of girls dying to get closer to Rob Pattinson and the cast of Twilight. Kim recently spoke up about how much she loves the Twilight saga.

An interviewer from Popeater recently asked Kim: “It seems like young Hollywood is dying for you to be a part of the Twilight sequels. Is there any interest?”

But it was a surprise to Kim, who said it was the first time she’d heard the little rumor. But she was very flattered, to say the least.

Kim said, “I would, like, die to be in Twilight, being around all those hot guys. I want to be a vampire. I would be one that was probably nice -- no, I kind of want to be evil. I don't know what I'd want to be -- just a vampire.”

Well if Kim were to land one of the coveted roles in the movies, she’d have to do her homework! Like maybe starting with reading the actual books?

Popeater asked Kim if she’d even read the series, and Kim told them, “I didn’t read them, but my sisters are obsessed. They have their friends over. They have Twilight parties.”

Well maybe they can fill Kim in on the big phenomenon. It’s more than just a bunch of hot guys running around! If we were to put Kim into a Twilight role, we’d peg her for one of the werewolves! She’s got that same look as Jacob!