Kim Kardashian Doesn't Want Sloppy Seconds

November 23, 2010 By:
Kim Kardashian Doesn't Want Sloppy Seconds

There were all sorts of rumors going around yesterday that Kim Kardashian was hooking up with Halle Berry’s baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, just because they were photographed at the Lakers game together.

Mama Jenner wants everyone to know that Kim and Gabriel are “just friends”.

“He is so nice,” Kris Jenner told George Lopez.

“He’s a friend of Kim’s… just friends! Isn’t he hot? But they’re not dating. They’re just friends.”

That’s just silly! They better be friends with benefits! Why in the world would she just be friend’s with a hot piece like Gabriel! Kim’s gotta take one for all the women out there. But there is one condition….she has to obviously talk about it so we all know if he’s exactly how we all fantasize him to be.

He definitely looks like he knows what to do with a woman. After all he got Halle’s attention for all those years. To get the attention of a Hollywood star for more than 10 minutes is huge!