Kim Kardashian Doesn't Care What You Think

March 17, 2011 By:
Kim Kardashian Doesn't Care What You Think

From Terrance Howard to her butt, Kim Kardashian is aware of all the rumors that surround her, and she's so over it.

"They'll show one picture of me today and one tomorrow, and say I've had my nose done in between," she told Self magazine. "When? Didn't you just see me yesterday? And how many times have I 'had my butt done? …You can't worry about all the gossip."

Why there are still rumors that arise about Kim Kardashian is beyond me. We're exposed to her entire life. If you want to know anything about her, just watch E!.

Kardashian says if she didn't do what she does, she might be a crime scene investigator.

"I would either be a crime scene investigator or a makeup artist," she says.

Nice thought, but I doubt they'd hire a Kardashian strutting in her Louboutins saying, "Ew. There's like, blood. Seriously, this is like, really ew."

Kardashian continued, "Maybe I should do makeup for the people on the crime scene [who] are dead."

So I'm sure tomorrow we'll be reading rumors that Kim is obsessed with corpses or something.

She also reveals that she's a complete neat freak:

"Sitting at home in sweats and cleaning out my closet would be a perfect night for me."

And if her show's ratings are any indication, people would gladly watch.