Kim Kardashian Does Damage Control, Kris Jenner Causes More Damage

November 3, 2011 By:
Kim Kardashian Does Damage Control, Kris Jenner Causes More Damage

Maybe these two crazy kids can make it after all. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are apparently still talking, according to a friend. Sounds promising. Here's to another 72 days!

"Kim and Kris have spoken on the telephone, and are frequently exchanging text messages on their BlackBerry's. Kim is absolutely numb and was truly surprised and shocked at the backlash she has gotten since she decided to file for divorce," a source close to Kim tells Radar Online.

I'm shocked that she's shocked. Did she think the public was gonna be supportive after seeing that completely over-the-top wedding turn out to be a colossal waste? People aren't going to be sympathetic to that kind of superficiality. It was cute when Kim got that Botox and it gave her a black eye, or when she took an X-ray of her butt, but it's getting out of hand now.

While she and Kris might still be talking, there's not a very big chance of a reconciliation.

"It's highly unlikely that Kim would want to get back together with Kris," the source continues. "Kris is in Minnesota, and the more time that goes on, Kim clearly sees that they are just two completely different people, that never should have gotten married. Even though Kris said earlier in the week he would do whatever it would take to save his marriage, he is now accepting that the relationship is over."

But it looks like Kris might still be holding on to the fairytale. The NBA player was spotted "working out intensely" at a gym in his Minnesota hometown. And he still had the wedding ring on his finger. Probably because that's the only source of income he has left now. He was later photographed leaving the gym sans his ring.

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner showed up on Good Morning America on Thursday, and when asked whether Humphries should get back that giant ass engagement ring, Kris said:

"I hate an Indian giver. It's a gift…keep your gift."

Wow. Just, wow. If they didn't have enough people hating them already, there goes another community.

Yesterday, Jenner appeared on the Today show to talk to Ann Curry and then later, her close pal Kathie Lee. But even Kathie Lee is disgusted with everything. She revealed on the show that at the wedding, Khloe Kardashian whispered to her: "I give it six f-cking months."

Pretty bad when your own family is organizing your celebrity divorce pool at the wedding.

And what about that massive wedding registry? Kim and Kris listed some pricey pieces on there, and while Kris says she'll be donating the money and gifts to charity, some think she should return them.

Lizze Post, author of Emily Post's Etiquette 18th Edition, told People: "The gifts should be returned to the givers if the wedding is dissolved within a short timeframe like hers was."

Post adds that Kim now comes off as undeservingly "generous" and well also "get a huge tax write-off for them, because I am sure they are not Target gifts."