Kim Kardashian Defends Jessica Simpson's Weight

October 16, 2009 By:
Kim Kardashian Defends Jessica Simpson's Weight

Kim Kardashian is coming to the defense of Jessica Simpson. Earlier in the week, Fox ran an animated commercial mocking Jess’ weight, and later apologized for it.

And now Kim is stepping up to defend the fellow curvaceous beauty saying the NFL and Fox "shouldn't be making fun of Jessica Simpson who has such an amazing body."

During the Fox skit, the Dallas head coach is seen asking Simpson's former boyfriend, Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo, "Is Jessica around, we sure could use a defensive tackle."

While Cowboy star and Romo pal Jason Witten adds in the skit: "Unlike Tony, at least Jessica comes up BIG when it counts."

Kim tells Popeater, "I'm glad they apologized. She's clearly not overweight and laughing about that gives young girls the wrong message.”

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