Kim Kardashian Cuts Starbucks Line

June 23, 2008 By:
Kim Kardashian Cuts Starbucks Line

It's always annoying when celebrities cut in line in front of regular
people. We see it happen all the time at Hollywood hotspots. Even with the longest line, a certain celeb will show up and be granted access
immediately. It's just the way it is! But should we be subjected to that at

Kim Kardashian was in need of a caffeine break a few weeks back in LA when she reportedly cut the entire line in from of her. Customers were extremely annoyed with her, but Kim just said she had to do it because there were photographers who needed to take her picture outside.

There's a time and a place to act like a diva, and Starbucks is not one of
them! You do not want to piss off people before they've had their coffee!