Kim Kardashian Compares Her Life With Cancer Patient

September 10, 2012 By:
Kim Kardashian Compares Her Life With Cancer Patient

The reality star is being diagnosed with chronic stupidity…

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more brain dead, Kim Kardashian is making yet another bad decision. This flub comes in the form of a deliberate slip of the tongue, comparing her life to that of a cancer patient.

The blunder took place during an interview with UK’s The Guardian

“I think that, with any decisions in life like, I spoke to a girl today who had cancer and we were talking about how this is such a hard thing for her, but it taught her a big lesson on who her friends are and so much about life,” Kim said. “She's 18. And I was like, that's how I feel."

Kim, Kim, Kim… There is no way that at any point in the time this thought took to get from your brain to your lips, this felt like a good thing to say.

In the quote, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is referring to her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, the divorce of which is still being sorted out.

“Getting married and divorced quickly, if that was my goal the whole time – I'm not an idiot, I obviously know that that would be a bad business decision,” she continued. “If anything, I probably would have left sooner had I not been filming, because I didn't want to end the relationship on TV."

The sad part in all of this?

Kim has over 16 million Twitter followers. Meaning every time she tweets – which is roughly once every three seconds – those 16 million follows are collectively getting dumber.

Like cancer, Kim’s mindless thoughts spread like a disease with no cure in sight. Long story short, our feature is doomed…

Our only hope is to institute a movement suggested by Louie C.K. in one of his monologues… Feed people like Kim to the lions.