Kim Kardashian Can’t Stop Photoshopping Her Instagrams

July 19, 2014 By:
Kim Kardashian Can’t Stop Photoshopping Her Instagrams
Image By: Instagram

She might need an intervention…

Because Kim Kardashian has come under fire yet again for Photoshopping another pic she uploaded onto her personal Instagram account. Whether it was by her (doubtful), a team (possible), or just a random image she got off Google Images (most likely), it is clearly different from the original picture.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Getty Images/Instagram

Notice that a zipper is completely missing (the tell-tale Photoshop sign here), which lends further credence to the possibility that her nose and breasts have also been altered. You know, because why stop at a zipper? The reason this photo in particular received such a backlash was because Kim hashtagged it "#SkinnyDays #OnTheTreadmillRightNOW," as if to suggest that she got her figure by working out alone.

Anyway, this isn’t the first time her fans have noticed some tweaking to her photos.

In these two torso shots, her waist appears to have been brought in.


The wobbly bathroom tile and door frame hints at this. It creates that ripple effect around the touched up areas, but Kim appears to have found a loophole for that problem: Only using it when she’s surrounded by water.


Or lying against an all-black backdrop, like this.


Because it’s a faux pas that’s happened so much on her feed, nearly every photo has come under scrutiny. There’s just no way around it.