Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Planning Even Bigger Honeymoon

August 26, 2011 By:
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Planning Even Bigger Honeymoon

Oh, you mean this week of relaxing in Italy is just a preparation for your even bigger honeymoon later? Of course it is.

Because she hasn't already made us envious enough, Kim Kardashian is now saying her post-wedding vacation to Italy's Amalfi Coast is just a mini-honeymoon.

"We want to take our big honeymoon later," Kardashian says.

Alright, now this is just bragging. Nowadays, newlyweds are lucky if they can just get a day off to clean up the mess from the reception. And she's taking a pre-honeymoon vacation? That's it, I'm changing my last name to Kardashian.

Kim adds that the destination will be "definitely tropical."

The couple has been spotted lounging around, kissing, and just all around enjoying marriage bliss. I know, it made me sick, too.

On Friday, Kim Tweeted a photo of a bunch of goats walking down a paved street.

"Not too often traffic looks like this!" she wrote. "Gotta love Italy!"

As for Kim's wedding style, now that we've all seen the much-anticipated look, details are starting to emerge on what Kim was going for.

Peter Savic, the stylist who created Kim's beautiful chignon, said:

“We wanted to make her an amazing movie star from the '40s, '50s, '60s; like Sophia Loren or Ava Gardner or Elizabeth Taylor. She looked very polished. It was classic and tasteful yet exotic.”

Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic went simple for Kim's big day.

"She wanted to look like the most polished and beautiful version of herself,” he says.

He prepped her skin with La Mer moisturizer and Terry Touche Veloutee concealer, then added some loose powder by Chanel. As for the rest of his canvas, Dedivanovic says:

"I used Lancôme 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Frenzy,” he explains. “I swept the golden shade all over lid, the darkest shade along her crease and the lightest shade I used on the brow bone to highlight. I swept the golden colors along Kim's lower lash line for a super-soft smoky look.”

He then added a bronzing powder, lip liner, peachy lipstick and coral lip gloss.

Alright, so it wasn't that simple.

And to keep Kim's face shine-free throughout the wedding, he used "Tatcha blotting papers."

“The look had to work with any dress she chose,” he says, “so we kept the makeup consistent through out the whole day and into the evening.”