Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Finally Reunited

April 23, 2013 By:
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Finally Reunited

20 days later. No, not the post-apocalyptic zombie movie, but something close to that hopelessness. It's the number of days that Kanye West went without being near his baby mama Kim Kardashian’s side.

A period of time that dragged on so long that it had everyone wondering if they were secretly splitting.

But like our source told us, that wasn’t to be the case. As informed, the two reunited in New York City today.

Probably because Kanye needed a second opinion on what pair of trainers to get from the latest Isabel Marant spring/summer collection.

The two reconnected in their own back-to-basics form. Which means exchanging formal “I love you”-s, kissing their American Expresses, and squealing, “Let’s go shoppppppping!!

In their first dual public appearance together in weeks, Kim wore a pair of heels her beau collaborated on with Giuseppe Zanotti, dubbed the “Cruel Summer.”

It’s a good time for the couple to reconnect and move forward; Kim finalized her never-ending divorce proceedings to Kris Humphries last Friday.

Long distance relationships are difficult, but we imagine that Kim and Kanye send each other the most romantic texts to keep that passion going.

“We were made 4 each other. U fit me like a snakeskin boot from Balmain,” texts Kim.

“I <3 u to Fifth Avenue & back!” responds Kanye.

We really think they’re going to make it…as long as there are collections to browse and clothing to buy.