Kim Kardashian Admits She Needs To Go On A Diet

October 5, 2012 By:
Kim Kardashian Admits She Needs To Go On A Diet

Kim Kardashian has put on the relationship 15…15 pounds that is.

Kim took to her blog to tell everyone that she gained weight. Yes, this is something the Kardashian money-maker thought was a normal thing to blast onto the Internet.

Kim announced on October 3 that she was back on the diet juice, QuickTrim, and now she’s told us the reason for the new diet.

“Yes, I have gained some weight,” Kim wrote, “I guess being happy and comfortable does that to you.”


“But it’s all good! I am back in the gym, watching what I eat and that combined with starting QuickTrim again means I’m feeling positive.”

Kim was spotted walking on the beach with Kourtney in Australia, making good on her weight loss obsession.

“I just want to be at my target weight and feel good about myself. I hate feeling heavy and lazy and it’s not a nice feeling when my clothes don’t fit,” says Kim.

In case you care, Life & Style claims she gained “15 to 20” pounds and Kim says since started QuickTrim she’s dropped 6 lbs.

Uggh, I can’t believe we care.

Oh here’s something to get you through your weekend. Kim tweeted this earlier this week: