Kim K Shares Second Adorable Photo of North

October 4, 2013 By:
Kim K Shares Second Adorable Photo of North
Image By: Instagram

After spending the week in Paris for the city’s fashion week, Kim Kardashian has reunited with her daughter North West and is letting the whole wide world know it.

“I missed waking up with my little [angel emoji],” Kim captioned what is only the second photo she’s shared of North on her Instagram.

The cute picture shows North wrapped up snug and tight, laying on a white blanket, gazing up and away from the camera. It’s the most adorable baby burrito you’ll rest your eyes on all week—and that’s including every time you’ve had Chipotle in the past seven days.

Kim’s back to mommy duty and obviously couldn’t be more thrilled. She’s been reigning in her social media presence lately, becoming a lot more selective about what she shares online. While she was away in Paris, she supposedly banned her family from even taking photos of North, fearing the mere prospect that they might get a little camera-shutter happy and accidentally post an unapproved image of her online.

During her trip, a second photo of North sorta-kinda surfaced when a paparazzi image of Kim at a café showed an indefinite image of Nori saved as her iPhone wallpaper.

This second photo is much clearer.