Kim K Leaks Fake Photos of North West to Her Friends

June 25, 2013 By:
Kim K Leaks Fake Photos of North West to Her Friends
Image By: Getty Images

The inevitable has happened…and no we’re not talking about all those parody North West Twitter accounts.

Bogus baby photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s little one are showing up all over the Internet, but don’t believe them. Like all things Kardashian, someone is trying to cash in on the event by attempting to pass off these baby pics as North for a huge payday.

Most interesting is that Kim is supposedly the mastermind behind this whole plan. In attempts to see who in her circle she can trust, TMZ has learned that Kim concocted a scheme: she sent out these photos of “North” to about a half-dozen “friends” to weed out the snitches.

Lo and behold, someone entered the glossy and glitzy realm of celebrity gossip media with the imposter photos and dreams of paying off their mortgage in full.

Sources close to Kim and Kanye have peeked at the images and corroborated elsewhere that the photos indeed aren’t North.