Kim K Doesn’t Want Khloe and Lamar to Divorce

August 29, 2013 By:
Kim K Doesn’t Want Khloe and Lamar to Divorce

So, when your husband cheats on you with several different women over the course of a few years AND is addicted to crack, these are apparently two very good reasons to NOT get a divorce.

But if you follow the Kardashian-guide-to-life, you can’t get a divorce under either of those criteria.

Khloe Kardashian is reportedly desperate to save her crumbling marriage to Lamar Odom and Kim Kardashian totally supports that decision.

“Kim would like to see them work it out,” says a source, “She knows how much they love each other. Everyone in the family feels divorce should be the last option.”

Honestly, the Kardashian machine seems more interested in saving face than going through a “divorce” scandal. In all honestly, is a divorce announcement THAT scandalous anymore?

Anyway, back to Kim and what she thinks because duh, she’s the “famous” one.

“Kim is being very supportive, she only wants what’s best for Khloe.”