Kim K Banned Family from Taking Photos of North

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Kim K Banned Family from Taking Photos of North
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Kim Kardashian has been sharing a new side with us lately, which, ironically enough, means intentionally sharing very little.

For someone who’s made ungodly sums of money off living oh-so-publicly in every way, Kim has abruptly changed—posting limited tweets and Instagrams, and giving few media interviews since giving birth to her daughter North West in June.

Which is why she’s ordered all members of her family, under no circumstances, to snap any photos of North. Kim’s currently in France for Paris Fashion Week, leaving North in the care of her sisters and mom in LA.

“Kim does not think for one minute that her mom or sisters would try to sell pictures of North,” a source told Naughty But Nice Rob.

“Her concern was that everyone in the family loves to post pictures of what they are doing all the time on Twitter,” the source continued, “and that is something that she does not want to happen while she is away.”

Kim’s a first time mom—she’s going to be extra-protective, naturally. “She knows her daughter is in safe hands,” added the source, “not very discrete hands, but safe!”