Kim K and Kanye Wedding On Hold... For Now

January 4, 2013 By:
Kim K and Kanye Wedding On Hold... For Now

Do you even remember what life was like pre-pregnant Kim Kardashian?

Personally I don’t, but if the coma I’m coming out of doesn’t require medical attention then I believe it was the final night of the year 2012 and we were all collectively making our new year’s resolution to never keep up with the Kardashians ever again.

Oh well, guess we’ll just stick to swearing off carbs for the rest of the year. That sounds waaaay easier, anyway.

Now that Kim and Kanye are going down this brand new journey/“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” plotline together one thing is for certain: they won’t be heading down the aisle getting married before the baby is born.

According to a source at Entertainment Tonight, “the couple are not planning to tie the knot before their baby is born, though we can definitely expect an amazing baby shower.” 

The most likely planner would be Sharon Sacks, the celebrity event planner whose put together glamorous weddings for Jennifer Lopez and John Stamos, in addition to other Kardashian events like both of Kourtney’s baby showers, Khloe and Lamar’s wedding, and that “wedding” Kim had to Kris Humphries last year. Keep it in the family!

Not to say we were really expecting Kimye to make it official within the next six months anyway. It’s pretty obvious it wouldn’t have happened considering that Kim is still technically not divorced from her avowed 72-day-long life partner Kris. Also, with Kim entering her second trimester she can’t let the silhouette of a baby bump come in between Kim and her most likely Kanye-approved wedding gown. Maybe for her fourth dream wedding, but definitely not her third.