Kim and Kendra Trash Talk Before Big Game

February 5, 2010 By:
Kim and Kendra Trash Talk Before Big Game

Sunday’s big game may be between The Colts and The Saints, but Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson are having a little showdown of their own!

Each of the ladies significant others are playing in the Super Bowl—Kendra’s Hank Baskett is on the Colts, while Kim’s Reggie Bush plays for The Saints. And both spoke with Rya Seacrest this morning on his KIIS radio show.

Ryan announced, "This is the real showdown, baby. Let the claws come out!"

And Kim quickly got into the spirit of things, saying to Kendra, "I'm going to poison your coffee!" Kendra responded by bringing up the rumors about Kim and Reggie possibly getting engaged if The Saints win.

When it was brought up however, Kim was quick to shoot it down. "What rumor?" she retorted. "I would want him to enjoy his moment if they I would turn it around and be like 'now it's my time'? No...I want him to enjoy his time and that's totally a rumor."

As for Kim and Kendra’s game day plan, Kendra says she’ll wear "a jersey made that says 'Mrs. Baskett'." Hank Jr. "will be wearing [his father's] jersey." And she also made arrangements for Hank Jr. during the game. "We're going to sit in a box and well have headphones on him so he doesn't hear so much noise."

As for Kim, she’s too superstitious to wear a jersey on game day. She says she’ll opt for a "Balmain jacket, T-shirt and jeans and some boots...I always wear something in [Saints team colors] black and gold."

Stay tuned for the big game!