Khloe Kardshian on Kim's Cheating Rumors: We're Used To Bad Rumors!

June 9, 2011 By:
Khloe Kardshian on Kim's Cheating Rumors: We're Used To Bad Rumors!

Is Kim Kardashian cheating on her fiancé Kris Humphries? The answer is no!

There were rumors going around yesterday that claimed that Kim was texting another football player behind her fiance’s back. Kim immediately slammed the Bret Lockett (the accuser) saying,

"This guy should be ashamed of himself. Calling up a magazine and making up an entirely fake story just to get attention!?!?! It’s just shameful and this guy should feel ashamed and humiliated. My friend Lauren London has never even met this guy, so to say she was the one who set us up is totally untrue. I find it so sad that a magazine will take the word of a stranger and try to pass their story off as true. And what’s even more odd is that this guy would carry on a “relationship,” yet never speak on the phone or see me in person! Makes no sense!"

Hollyscoop spoke to Kim’s sister Khloe at the Forbes Magazine event last night in Hollywood where she told us that they’re used to people trying to sabotage her family.

Asking if the Kim cheating rumors upset her she said, “No, I think.. I don't hate to say it, we're so used to it. I think there's crazy rumors all the time and you can't let yourself fall into that trap because you're going to hear them and who cares. They're rumors. It is what it is. It's like high school just on a bigger level.”

Hollywood is definitely like highschool! There’s A LOT of bullying going on!