Khloe Kardashian to Barbara Walters: 'None of Us Think We Have Talent'

December 15, 2011 By:
Khloe Kardashian to Barbara Walters: 'None of Us Think We Have Talent'

Barbara Walters got a bunch of crap for adding The Kardashians to her list of Most Fascinating People, and on Wednesday night, the veteran journalist sat down with them in an interview. Walters introduced the sit-down, saying:

"I've never heard more anger and dismay then when [The Kardashians] were announced on our list."

And what does that tell you, Babs? To be fair, I kind of see where Walters was coming from in adding them. Love them or hate them, if you look at the phenomenon that is The Kardashians objectively, they are pretty fascinating. A staged marriage, a mother pimping out her children…this is pretty crazy stuff when you think about it.

In the interview, Walters basically calls them talentless to their faces, to which Khloe replies: "None of us think we have talents."

Well, I guess that makes it okay, then.

Barbara then asked Kim about that infamous sex tape.

"It featured numerous angles, a costume change…and every part of Kim's body. If anything, it showed that Kim was comfortable with herself on camera," Barbara said in a voiceover.

Wow, can you glamorize it any further? Only Barbara Walters can transform a video of a chick giving a blow job into a feature film with "angles" and "costume changes." And for that, she deserves a Pulitzer.

"Was it a good thing to have done looking back?" Barbara asked, adding that the tape was the reason they all got famous.

Kim responded: "I really believe with anything in life, whatever you do…I've made mistakes in my life, for sure."

Kris' take on it: "You cry yourself to sleep…then you hire an attorney and try to make something better happen."