Kendall Jenner Wants Sister Kim Kardashian to Have Kids ASAP

August 25, 2011 By:
Kendall Jenner Wants Sister Kim Kardashian to Have Kids ASAP

Royal Wedding II is finally over, and the Kardashians are pooped. Oh, and the Jenners. Do not forget about the Jenners! Their last name might not begin with a K, but they're still part of the clan.

Hollyscoop talked to the adorable Kendall Jenner about her sister Kim Kardashian's wedding, and she told us she was exhausted, but she didn’t want the fun to end:

"It was so fun, I am pretty tired but it was really fun I never wanted it to end," Kendall told Hollyscoop while celebrating Varsity's National School Spirit Day at Meal on Wheels with the Costa Mesa Cheerleading Squad.

"Actually one of my favorite things was having all of my siblings there. There is ten of us, having all ten together was amazing. Yeah, I loved it. Everything was great, the cake was amazing, I had ten pieces. Everything was great."

We haven't even gotten through the wedding a week, and some are already clamoring for another Kardashian baby. And we're not even talking about the press.

"I want Kourtney to have another kid," Kendall told HS. "I want Kim to have a kid, I want Khloe to have a kid. I am literally obsessed with Mason if there were 500 more of him, I would be so happy."

As the woman who would have 499 more diapers to change, I'm not so sure Kourtney would be as happy. But the little tyke is undeniably cute. And so well behaved! How many toddlers could be entrusted to walk down the aisle of a huge, televised wedding in front of A-list celebrities and be on their best behavior?

I'm guessing Kim and Kris will be working on the baby thing. Kim has publicly expressed her desire to have a family, and there's no doubt the two would make adorable children.

Hollyscoop finally put Kendall on the spot when we asked her this question: If you were on an island who would rather hangout with: Lamar, Kris or Scott? (which is a roundabout way of finding out who she likes the most). Jenner's answer:

"If I could put them all together that’s probably what I would do. Scott is so funny; he comes up with the funniest things. Lamar is so sweet and Kris is a big kid, he can have fun doing whatever. If I could put them all together I would do that."

Gonna give a diplomatic response on that one, eh, Kendall? Well played.

Would've been hilarious, though, if she would've just responded: "Lamar. Hands down."