Kanye Makes His Debut On 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'

July 10, 2012 By:

It's the moment we’d all been waiting for...Kanye West made his reality TV debut last night on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Just in case you have no idea who Kanye West is, Kourtney breaks it down for you in her "camera confessional."

“Kanye West is a rapper” Kourtney deadpans in her whiney cat voice.

Maybe now all the questions about Kim and Kanye’s relationship will come to light! What do they talk about? What do they even have in common? Is it really all just an elaborate PR stunt!

“We have, I think, a lot of things in common…” says Kim, “We both just love cars.”

When pressed for more things they had in common, Kim just blinked really slowly. I'm kidding. Not really. Well, mostly.

But according to Monday's episode, it’s unsure if Kanye is Kim’s boyfriend or purse stylist?

“Do you think this clutch is too busy for this?” Kim asks Kanye as she tries on a cocktail dress.

Last time I asked a guy if my “clutch was too busy for this,” he was gay.

Anyway, apparently the purse was not, in fact, “too busy” because according to Kanye, “Nah, it’s cool, it’s ‘aight.”

He’s a fashion designer, you guys! If the clutch is ‘aight, the clutch is ‘aight!

Just like they do in the press, the Kardashian girls skirted the issue on the status of Kim and Kanye’s relationship.

“It’s not that serious,” Kim told Kourtney.

Over the weekend, Kanye “serenaded” Kim during a show in Atlantic City when he sang his song “Way Too Cold” which features romantic lyrics about Kim, “And I’ll admit I fell in love with Kim/Around the same time she had fell in love with him.”

This song was previously titled “Theraflu” and hit the web several months ago, so during last night’s episode, there was a totally unplanned and spontaneous phone call between Rob and Kim where young bro Rob asks Kim if she’d heard the Kanye track, to which Kim responded, “Yeah, I’ve heard it, so what?”

And then Kim pretended to act like she didn’t care, when in reality she was probably all like “OMG this song lyric is definitely going to secure another year worth of endorsements for QuickTrim!”

During the episode, Kim and Kanye stop by the opening of Scott Disick’s new restaurant in New York where Kanye sipped on drinks and quietly sat by like a dutiful boyfriend, it was all very un-Kanye. I was waiting for him to interrupt someone, invite Jay-Z, or bust out a rap about Jesus. Unfortunately, that moment never came.