Joey Fatone Not a Fan of Kim Kardashian

November 25, 2008 By:
Joey Fatone Not a Fan of Kim Kardashian

The claws are out and Joey Fatone has waged a verbal war against Kim Kardashian.

The former Dancing With the Stars hopeful was at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ for a private screening of the show this past weekend and he had a lot to say.

When asked who he thought should still be in the running for the title, Joey chose Toni Braxton. For some odd reason, he also went on to bash Kim in the process.

Joey told the crowd: "But it's not just about dancing. It's about personality, too. And that Kim Kardashian, ugh, she has no personality at all. It was painful to watch."

We just figured she was booted off before she got a chance to really open up. What were your thoughts on Kim as a dancer?