Is The Kardashian Empire Crumbling?

November 1, 2011 By:
Is The Kardashian Empire Crumbling?

The short answer is, yes. And now for the long answer.

No matter how many times E! replays that wedding special, no matter how many times Kris Jenner pays Kathie Lee Gifford to say the word Kardashian, I think it's safe to say, the public is just about Kardashianed out.

Apparently, some people actually thought Keeping Up With the Kardashians had some basis in reality and felt duped after discovering the whole wedding thing was most likely a hoax.

And the rest of us know that the Kardashians are basically soap opera characters, but I guess we were still surprised by the divorce just because we expected them to do us the courtesy of keeping the storyline going for at least a little while. I mean, this is just unprofessional. We know it's fake, but they don't have to be so brazen about it. The least they could've done is pretend to go along with it for a few more months, especially after we wasted two hours of our lives watching that wedding. And side note, if I hear Kris Jenner refer to the family's last name as "the brand" one more time, I'm getting rid of cable altogether.

But even before the wedding, the percentage of people suffering from TMK (too much Kardashian) was increasing greatly. Now, with this whole 72-day marriage thing, it seems to be pretty unanimous…we're over them.

And then there's the money factor. What exactly are we paying these people for, if not to play out a good story? According to the New York Post, the couple made about $17.9 million from of their wedding. They sold $2.5 million worth of photos to People magazine alone. So basically, they just took the money and run.

The Kardashians were already peaking around the time of this wedding, and now, it looks like their popularity is going downhill fast. Their ridiculousness was made fun of marginally before, but now, it's gone straight to mainstream. Even other celebrities are shooting them down. On Monday, after hearing news of the Kardashian-Humphries divorce, Samantha Ronson tweeted: " Wait, so it was actually a real wedding?"

And back in July, E!'s The Soup host, Joel McHale, revealed he wasn't allowed to make fun of the Kardashians on his show.

"I know the Kardashians don’t like me. Reality stars without exception have come up to me and have said, ‘Thank you for making fun of me.’ We made so much fun of [Bachelor star] Jake Pavelka, and he responded by coming on the show. With the Kardashians, we’re not allowed to say they have a sex tape anymore because the network flips out."

Looks like the Kardashian plan is finally backfiring. Not only is the empire becoming less popular, people are starting to resent it. And that's just not good for business.