Inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Bel Air Mansion

February 20, 2013 By:
Inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Bel Air Mansion

Last week we let you inside Kim Kardashian’s Beverly Hills mansion, the one she recently sold, so she could move into The Hulk of celebrity homes, this 9,000 square foot castle-house in Bel Air.

Kim and boyfriend Kanye West are currently renovating the home, because apparently “a perfect house just isn’t perfect enough,” says Kanye West, probably.

The power couple is renovating the place to turn it into a little community center unto itself, which will include a gym, movie theater, hair and make up salon, bowling alley, basketball court and an indoor pool.

If they didn’t go ahead with the renovation, the place would have maid’s bedrooms and a butler’s pantry like some kind of “Downton Abbey” episode. There’s also a huge kitchen with a breakfast nook and a playroom.

Oh and get this, the place has TWO master bedrooms. One for Kim and Kanye and a second for Kanye’s ego. HEYO!

Fun fact: The guest rooms have their own elevators! The guests!

This is a major improvement from Kim’s Beverly Hills house which was basically a dump compared to the palace they just bought up. Her old home only had five bedrooms, which is a joke, and a “screening room” which is basically just a flat-screen TV and a few extra chairs, compared to her new in-home movie theater.