How Much Money Has Kanye Spent on Kim So Far?

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How Much Money Has Kanye Spent on Kim So Far?
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Recently, there’s been some murmurs spinning around the rumor mill that Kanye West is flat broke, at least in terms of liquid assets...

Well, based on the numbers, it doesn’t appear that Yeezy is too strapped for cash. The rap mogul has spent at least $13,125,000 on his “Perfect Bitch,” Kim Kardashian. And that’s just since January.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the reported numbers, thanks to the tireless efforts of our in-house Kanye spending experts.

January 2013:

    • Kanye bought Kim an $11 million home in Los Angeles to make room for their growing family together. They are expected to purchase three other homes across the globe, which will supposedly run somewhere in the realm of $10 million each.
    • Three trips: Babymoon Brazil, ($1 million) Babymoon Europe, and Babymoon Africa. They only traveled via private jet.
    • $65,000 on Cartier jewelry, not including an additional $70,000 Cartier bracelet.

And then there’s all the other stuff he bought her during the rest of the time they’ve been dating.

April ’12— January ’13:

    • First class airfare, jetting back-and-forth from L.A., New York, London, Paris, Mexico, and back again, racking up to $700,000.
    • Prime seats at Lakers' games, costing upwards of $2700 a pop!
    • A Parisian clothes-shopping excursion. Receipt reads: $500,000.
    • A $250,000 overseas weeklong getaway in Cannes.
    • Kim got a whole new wardrobe at one point… $1 million?

We tried plugging all these numbers into Google calculator, but it caused an error… So, yes, even Google can’t fathom the level of gluttony that these two individuals engage in on a daily basis.

In the meantime, any mathematicians out there who feel like doing some adding, tweet us your answers to @Hollyscoop!