How Much Celebrities Get Paid to Tweet Revealed

July 5, 2013 By:
How Much Celebrities Get Paid to Tweet Revealed

Dear God, the money that’s just thrown at celebrities these days.

If you’ve ever wondered how much it costs a company to have their products and services plugged by a celeb you follow on Twitter, thanks to the social media advertorial clearinghouse, you can see right through those transparent 140 characters. Tweeting hard or hardly tweeting, amirite?

The service, which is the most notable in the pay-to-tweet market that pairs brands with celebrity figures, and based on characteristics such as the number and demographics of their followers reveals how much their influence is worth.

Here’s the breakdown of the following celebs per tweet:

Kim Kardashian: $10,000+

Kim gets paid big dollars to mention just about any product to her followers.

Khloe Kardashian: $8,000+
Khloe was paid to endorse Old Navy’s jeans—easy money.

Charlie Sheen: $50,000
Because he’s so eccentric, Charlie’s going rate fluctuates wildly. Charlie’s tweet for raked in 1 million visits to the site and made #tigerbloodintern a Trending Topic- $50K well spent for the otherwise obscure website.

Snoop Dogg: $8,000
With over 10,000 followers, Snoop was hired by Toyota to tweet compliments regarding their line of Sienna minivans.

Lindsay Lohan: $3,500
Lindsay was paid by CampusLIVE to drive traffic to its site with a single tweet.

Other celebrities who round out the pay-per-tweet hierarchy include Snooki at $7,800, Paula Abdul at $5,000, and Whitney Port at $2,500.