How Kim Kardashian Gets Ready for Bikini Season

May 22, 2009 By:
How Kim Kardashian Gets Ready for Bikini Season

Summer is right around the corner and Kim Kardashian is ready to show off her infamous curves.

Kim has gotten some heat in the past for full figured bod, but with a new workout video, a healthy diet, and some confidence, she's ready to hit the beach in a bikini.

"I feel great. I am ready for the bikini body," she told People on Wednesday at an opening bash for Dash Miami.

"I am eating well and I go to the gym every day and I already see a difference."

A few months ago unphotoshopped photos of Kim from her Complex magazine cover appeared on the internet showing a little extra junk in the trunk.

And a month after that Us Weekly labeled Kim the perfect figure for Forever 21's plus size collection, which needless to say, didn't set well with the reality show star.

She blogged that she was ready to "get in better shape and tone up," and from the looks of this photo taken this week, she's achieved her goal! What are your 'get ready for bikini season' secrets?