How to Go to the Gym like a Celebrity

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How to Go to the Gym like a Celebrity
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If you are a person, chances are you’ve been to a gym at least once in your life. But have you ever gone to the gym LIKE A CELEBRITY?

Because there’s the way YOU go to the gym, and then there’s the way FAMOUS PEOPLE go to the gym. And they're two different things.

This is how to go to the gym like a celebrity:


Get a blowout and put on red lipstick BEFORE you workout.



Do NOT forget the red lipstick.



Try NOT to bring an ugly duffel bag. Just keep your workout stuff in your $3000 Céline purse.



Stop to pose with whoever might want a picture.



Actual athletic shoes are for commoners, make sure you’ve got shiny faux-athletic sneakers on.



Make sure everyone can see how bangin' your body is. This is very important, because the paparazzi can’t follow you inside the gym.


Literally roll up any portion of your clothing that you can. Reveal as much skin as possible!



Always put on a full face of foundation and fill in your eyebrows. You’re probably not going to sweat that much anyways.


But if you DO think you’re going to sweat, forgo the makeup and just throw an expensive purse in front of your face.


Remember, ponytails are for basics. Let everyone check out your ombré mane.


Don’t look too athletic, you’re a celebrity DAMNIT. You don't want to be confused for a professional athlete. They aren’t as famous as you are.



But if all these steps are too difficult, don’t even bother with workout clothes and makeup. Just go as you are - aka fabulous.

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Or just throw on a cloak/sweatshirt and deal with it.