Fourth Of July Kardashian Style!

July 6, 2008 By:
Fourth Of July Kardashian Style!

Kim Kardashian wants you to know that she had a great fourth of July. Her mans family joined her family for some bbq and some fun in the sun. Kim is quite the blogger. She often updates her website with things going on in her life. Read her latest blog below:

We had an amazing Fourth of July!...

My family along with Reggie's family spent the day at Reggie's house. We laid out by the pool, swam and cooked all day! My mom brought the dessert and Kylie baked a cake that looked like an American flag! Rob, Reggie and Reggie's brother played Rock Band all day! It was so funny to watch them play! Reggie played guitar, his brother played the drums and Rob sang!

Bruce and Reggie's dad barbecued and at the end of the day EVERYONE got thrown in the pool!!!

Khloe and Reggie started it by throwing my mom in! Then Reggie threw Rob in and broke his cell phone! Then Reggie threw Khloe in! Then Khloe threw me in! She dropped me on the way to the pool but I still couldn't escape not being thrown in!!!

Just another typical holiday with the Kardashians and the Bushes. ;)