Former Kardashian & Jenner Nanny Writes Tell-All

July 13, 2012 By:

A former nanny for the Kardashians has written a “tell-all” book filled with the “juicy” behind the scenes details on what it’s really like to be inside the infamous household.

RadarOnline has the story on, “Malibu Nanny: The True Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny,” by Pam Beham that documents her three years with the Jenners and then five years with the Kardashians from 1991-1996.

So what’s the most dramatic reveal inside the true life of this family we all, courtesy of countless hours of reality programming, think we know so well?

Don’t forget to buy Kris broccoli.

Right. That’s the whole dish.

Kris apparently freaked out on Pam early in her time with them by berating her for not buying the fibrous green at the grocery.

Pulitzer prize worthy passages include:

"When I got home, Kris, who was in the kitchen, looked at the groceries I had just purchased, and let out a torrent of expletives. '$#&%! $#&%! $#&%! I can't believe you forgot the $#&%ing broccoli!,'"


"Broccoli was not on the short list she had given me that day, although it was a regular item on the weekly list. I did not know, shame on me, that keeping broccoli stocked in the refrigerator was so critical."

Kris apologized the next day.

That’s the whole scandal… and if that doesn’t propel this memoir into the “must-read” category, we don’t know what does…

But if you need more, other shocking highlights include Pam talking about Kris grooming her kids for fame, and Bruce telling the nanny to get a nose job.

That’s about it. Oh, and it dedicates a serious word count to her proclamation of love for all the kids.

Clearly Kris herself has no stock in the profits that may or may not stem from this book… otherwise the whole thing would be a lot more sensationalized (read: potentially interesting).