The Transformation of Kim Kardashian's Instagram Is Complete

April 27, 2014 By:
The Transformation of Kim Kardashian's Instagram Is Complete
Image By: Instagram

For those of us acquainted with Kim Kardashian prior to the Kimye Vogue cover milestone, her current Instagram looks practically unrecognizable.

Today it’s far more streamlined and treated as if it were a serious #brand, and not just some fun online space for a socialite to post a few party pics and weekend brunches.


Here’s what it currently looks like:


The hallmarks include…


Constant Whitagram and/or white borders.


More paparazzi photos instead of just #selfies.


Lots of classical, minimal all-black/white ensembles.


Her captions have also become a lot more vague and nominal.

This one is simply “#enlightenment”.


But it didn’t always look like that. It looked like this:



It’s been a gradual change from posing on yachts.




Use of the Toaster filter.

Like, today, she would never Toaster.


She would never post an inspirational quote

…and with a filter on it.


Need we go on? It’s pretty clear Kim is more refined now than she’s ever been.