City of Glendale Welcomes Kim Kardashian to Run for Office

April 17, 2012 By:
City of Glendale Welcomes Kim Kardashian to Run for Office

Haha, April Fools! Wait, what? NOT April Fools? Kim “I marry people for magazine covers” Kardashian wants to run for Mayor of Glendale!? On behalf of the world, I’m so sorry Glendale, it’s gonna be a rough few years.

The crazy thing is, Kim Kardashian totally has her run-for-mayor plan all mapped out.

In a recent episode of “Khloe and Lamar,” Kim tells Khloe her plans to move to Glendale, establish residency, run for mayor in 5 years, and have her publicist Noelle plan out her whole campaign.

Kim tells Khloe in the episode, “I decided I’m gonna run for the mayor of Glendale, but it’s gonna be in like five years. You have to have full residency in Glendale, so I have to buy a house there. Noelle and I are looking into all the requirements.”

Kim, who is Armenian says that Glendale “is, like, Armenian town.” So I guess that makes her qualified for the job.

Ardy Kassakhian, the actual Chief Election Official and City Clerk of Glendale spoke exclusively to Hollyscoop and told us that 2017 is an election year, so Kim was right about running in 5 years.

However, Kassakhian adds, “Running for office is a little challenging. Kim would have to move to Glendale and know the issues facing this community. Local elections are about local issues, she’d have to do her homework, know the quality of life issues in Glendale and come up with policies to address those issues.”

Hopefully Kim has a plan of action, other than “buy a house” in the zip code.

However, the city of Glendale welcomes her, “If Kim is interested in filing and running for office, we’d welcome her,” but adds that, “I don’t believe our office has been contacted by Kim or her representatives, it’s still too early for that.”