Celebs That Totally Know They’re Being Watched by Paparazzi

May 28, 2014 By:
Celebs That Totally Know They’re Being Watched by Paparazzi
Image By: wenn.com

Paparazzi: 1 Celebrity: 0

Kim Kardashian will IMMEDIATELY turn on her “face” when paparazzi are near.


Chris Martin knows you’re stalking him at LAX, and we can’t tell if he cares or not?


Ooop, Rita Ora’s cool that you’re standing about three inches in front of her.


Okay, so Nikki Reed is ACTING like she doesn’t want to be photographed…but no one runs errands with that blowout and that makeup and that cute outfit.

Unless they called the paparazzi themselves. #smh


Here's another perfect example of a celebrity looking really good while doing something mundane.

This actress, Bella Thorne, totally alerted the paps that she was going to be walking her dog.


Rihanna is just strolling through The Grove, trying to go unnoticed.

But she’s Rihanna, she knows she’s being watched everywhere she goes.


Ashton Kutcher is unsure how he feels about the fact that you are stalking him.


January Jones is literally scoping out the paparazzi’s hiding place from her restaurant dining table.


Diane Kruger clearly loves the paparazzi attention.


Jaimie Alexander totally knows you’re taking pics of her.

At least she plays nice.


Barbra Streisand is just LOVING the attention.

HAYYY camera guys!


Max Greenfield checks out the paparazzi.