Celebrity Costume Roundup: The Bold, The Beautiful, and The Bizarre

October 29, 2012 By:
Celebrity Costume Roundup: The Bold, The Beautiful, and The Bizarre

Wednesday is the day that everybody has been waiting for. In honor of the holiday, the stars have been spotted out and about in their Halloween gear. 

Here’s a roundup of who was wearing what this weekend. 

Derek Hough Grips His Lightsaber: The “Dancing With the Stars” vet went for an Eric Foreman-inspired look this Halloween. Host Maria Menounos  - dressed as a zombie – tweeted a picture next to Derek as Luke Skywalker stoking his Star Wars dagger. 

Kim Kardashian, Fish Out of Water: Taking on the task of a lady of the sea, Kim Kardashian strapped on fins and a shell bra. Unfortunately, she looks more like a tuna fish than a mermaid. Ariel she is not. Understandably, Kanye hid from cameras behind the scenes.

Fergie Embraces Her Pussy: Meooow. Despite whether or not you enjoy Fergie’s music, there’s no denying that when it comes to rocking a leopard-print leotard, this girl’s got skills.  

Kendra as Topless Girl, aka Herself: Don’t call it a comeback. Call it a topless Kendra Wilkinson, begging for attention on Twitter, because that’s exactly what it is. But, in Kendra’s mind at least, it’s still a comeback  “I'm backkkkkk bitches! Halloween babyyyyyy,” reads the caption.

Liam Payne as The Dark Night: Standing next to Olympian Tom Daley in a fat, skeleton suit, Liam Payne wore a full on Batman suit. That’s right, the One Directioner is now assuming the role as Bruce Wayne. Somewhere in the universe Christopher Nolan is weeping. 

Scott Disick Too Cool For School: While hosting his “American Psycho” event at 1 Oak in Vegas, Scott Disick left his costume behind. He did hold up a bloody axe for cameras though…What a good sport. 

Aubrey O’Day, the Comanche Chief: The singer was looking like the least Native American Native American at a party the Hollywood. The blonde hair and botox was a giveaway, but her all-out costume gets an “E” for effort. 

Like Niece, Like Aunt?: Emma Roberts channeled the iconic role played by her Hollywood relative Julia Roberts in the 1990 film Pretty Woman. It’s anyone’s guess who wore it best, but the fact that the costume got both ladies in a crop top and cutoffs, I highly doubt anyone’s complaining. 

JWoww and Roger Geek Out: Newly engaged Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Roger Mathews showed off their nerdier side in Vegas, sporting bowties, taped spectacles, suspenders and plain shorts. And, yes, nerd JWoww is still a babe…Deal with it!

Christina Milian Sweet as Candy: While promo’ing her Halloween cocktail recipe is, the songstress dressed up like a dessert dish that looked good enough to eat.