Are Kim K and Kanye West Moving to London?

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Are Kim K and Kanye West Moving to London?
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A reverse British invasion is in order. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly getting their visas in order because rumor has it the two are going to be U.K. transplants.

“Kanye talks a lot about how he wants his kids to attend the same boarding schools as Kate Middleton and Prince William did,” a source told “He wants them to go to Oxford, grow up alongside royalty and be part of the elite.”

But put your teacups back on their saucers because not so fast! Before you start imagining their five-month-old North West with a charming English accent, it’s not happening.

“This is false,” a rep for Kim confirmed point-blank to Hollyscoop.

Although the source stated that they were considering purchasing a pad in Chelsea or Kensington with ambitions of growing their empires overseas, it appears to be false.